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Privacy matters

This document will inform you as a user about the data the operator of this website gathers and stores about you. I am committed to privacy and treat all data you decide to share with me confidentially and lawfully.

Log information

For statistical and security reasons, for example to investigate abuse, the following data is stored in "server logfiles" for up to seven days:

  • Viewed website
  • Date and time of the access
  • Amount of data transferred in bytes
  • Access status (HTTP status code)
  • Website the request originated from ("Referer")
  • Browser used (this commonly includes language and operating system)
  • IP address

In case of an ongoing investigation, the data is retained until the case is closed.

Comment function

When you leave a comment, in addition to the data provided in the form (text of the comment and optionally name and email) your IP address, truncated to a pseudonymous form is also stored. This address cannot be used to identify you, but it helps to prevent spam and is also needed for security reasons in case of illegal content in comments. The operator of a website can in some cases be held liable for this, so there is a legitimate interest in being able to identify the perpetrator.

If you choose to share a name and/or email, this data is also stored in your browser (so called "local storage"). This is for your convenience, because you do not need to type it again if you choose to leave another comment. This data is stored solely on your device and only submitted when you compose another comment.